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Ferlo Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, and possesses highly professional printing knowledge. Thanks to our
management's attention to business, in the face of heavy competition, we have gradually expanded from a small factory,  and
have grown to our current large scale of operations.

Our customer base consists mostly of industrial firms, but we are continuing to expand into the
commercial and medical markets. We possess more than twenty years of industrial-grade
membrane switch design and production knowledge and expertise, and we take advantage of our
extensive printing skills and experience to produce outstanding membrane switches.

Our process steps include nameplate printing, circuit layout, membrane molding, metal mode or Poly
dome tactile, through-hole and circuit printing...etc. Our membrane switches contain stable LEDs, resistors, and light sensors, and we offer waterproof, abrasion-resistant, heatproof, quakeproof, backlight, and ESD-,
EMI-, and RFI-protection designs.

We are expert at resolving customer-end product problems, and we ensure that products provide full functionality.
We are highly service-oriented, and very aware that our own prestige is backed by our customers' reputations.

Corporate culture

  1. 1. After-sales service – Ferlo emphasizes product quality and insists on the integrity of product functions at the
    customer end.

  2. 2. Customization–Ferlo can design customized products meeting customers' individual needs.

  3. 3. Product / technology – Apart from maintaining greater attentiveness to circuit stability, precision, and sensitivity than our competitors, Ferlo is also outstanding at resolving customer-end product assembly issues.

Compliance with environmental protection policy

  • We place a premium on environmental protection issues, and we promise that our products and services are fully in
    compliance with environmental protection standards and ROHS regulations.


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