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We have developed a 3D nameplate IMD technology that can give a boost to a product's image. This nameplate technology has many applications, and can be used on exercise equipment, autos, machinery, metal, plastic, and smooth surfaces...etc. The 3D nameplates can be printed on many kinds of special materials, there are several adhesive or bottom adhesive options ,and the nameplate surface can be rough or smooth.

Compared with ordinary methods, the 3D nameplates have a short development process, and mold development is inexpensive compared with plastic injection molding or production of conventional aluminum or iron nameplates. The nameplates are also meet external environmental testing conditions. These advantages can give a product a superior position in the marketplace.

No only can our 3D nameplates be bonded to different materials, but they can also have multiple colors or a grain effect. They can simulate the textures of other materials, They can look and feel like metal, wood, cloth, or stone...etc.

Product features:

      。Nameplates featuring the characteristics of plastic, iron, aluminum, or poly.
      。The appearance and texture can be identical with those of iron, aluminum, or electroplated metal surfaces.
      。Product appearance can simulate mat texture or metal hair lines...etc, plastic electroplated nameplates
      cannot achieve these effects.
      。Can be partially 3D or independently formed.
      。Lighter than plastic, iron, aluminum, and poly nameplates.
      。Other nameplates cannot match our nameplates' rich, varied colors.
      。Durable to 600 hours proven by standard environmental testing.
      。Abrasion-resistant, surface hardness up to 3H.



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