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We have kept up with the multi-point touch-control screen trend launched by the iPhone by developing capacitive touch-control keypad. Capacitive touch-control keypad operate by a different principle than conventional mechanical keypads, touching a capacitive touch-control keypad causes the frequency to change. Thanks to the intuitive fingertip operation of these keypads, they are already well on their way to replacing mechanical keypads, switches, and sliders. Their many advantages include sturdiness, reliability, and very good aesthetic qualities. Capacitive touch-control keypad are much more convenient and fashionable than conventional keypads. They can be used on cell phones, portable media players (PMPs), GPS systems, office electronic products, public information equipment (kiosks), industrial computers (HMI), medical equipment, game machines, and gifts.

Capacitive touch-control keypad are sturdy and durable. They are simple in appearance and can be used on a wide variety of product designs. Touching a capacitative touch-control keypad causes the capacitance-linked controller element to convert the location of the touch to various system control functions. A controller can replace several dozen mechanical buttons with a simple touch-control device.

Product features:

     。High integrity, high stability.
     。No mechanical structure.
     。Excellent durability and sturdiness.
     。A high degree of design freedom, contact points are insulated.
     。Low power consumption, low development cost, quick response time.



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