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If you need samples or price quotations, please provide the following information, which will enable us to provide you with
even faster and more accurate service:

1、Direct contact:Use telephone and E-mail to contact us concerning samples, photographs, and needed information.

2、Fax:Download a form and fax it back to us.

3、Fill out an online form: To avoid possible receiving difficulties, please avoid using free e-mail addresses (such as Yahoo, PChome, MSN, etc.) whenever possible. Your contact information is important to us !

  Basic information  
Company name :  
Contact person :  
Job title :  
Phone :  
Fax :  
E-mail :  
Company address :
Date quotes needed :  
Has product been mass-produced : Yes No  
Can an original sample be provided : Yes No  
Are drawings available : Yes No  
Single order quantity : Monthly Three months Half-year Unknown  
Total ordered quantity for one year :  
Desired price : NT$ US$  
External size : L mm * W mm = mm
Side view of keys :

Flat Type Pillow embossed Pillow embossed with metal dome
Square key Ball embossed Poly dome / Metal dome


Two-sided printed circuits

Waterproof grade : IP4X IP5X IP6X No  
Touch load : 120 gf 170 gf 220 gf 280 gf 320 gf 420 gf  
Tail Length :  
Parts : Male pin Female pin  

LED Resistor Metal dome

Light sensor

To help us perform a correct assessment, please write any necessary conditions:

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