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Ferlo Technology Co., Ltd. possesses highly professional printing knowledge. Membrane switches contain stable LEDs, resistors, and light sensors, and we offer waterproof, abrasion-resistant, heatproof, quakeproof, backlight, and ESD-, EMI-, and RFI-protection designs. We are expert at resolving customer-end product problems, and we ensure that products provide full functionality. We possess more than twenty years of industrial-grade membrane switch design and production knowledge and expertise, and we take advantage of our extensive .... More . . .

Membrane switches

Touch-control keypads with a multi-layered structure, can made waterproof, heatproof

Quality inspection

We satisfy customers' needs by constantly improving product quality perform full inspection ...

  • Adhere to quality and function integrality
  • We offer customized solutions meeting customer needs
  • Improve and research and develop it with technology constantly

3D Nameplates

This nameplate technology,has many applications, and can be used on exercisee quipment, autos machinery...

TPU Ultra-soft Nameplates

Developed thermoplastic polyurethane TPU (an enviro-nmentally - friendly material) meeting ...

Capacitive touch-
control keypad

They are already well on their way to replacing mechanical keys, switches, and sliders....

Full-colorly nameplates

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